Registration for the 4th Asia Pacific HPC-AI Competition has begun

Jointly released by the International High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee and the National Supercomputing Center of Singapore at SCAsia21 University students from the Asia-Pacific region will compete on the same stage and challenge the limit in the six-month high performance computing and artificial intelligence competition

On March 2, 2021, Singapore time, at the SupercomputingAsia2021 conference, the International High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council (HPC-AIAdvisoryCouncil) and the Singapore National Supercomputing Center (NaTIonalSupercomputingCentreSingapore) jointly kicked off the 2021 Asia Pacific HPC-AI competition. , began to accept the application and competition plan of the college student team, and the deadline for registration is the end of April. Focusing on demonstrating the strength of the top technology institutes and universities in the Asia-Pacific region, college students, master’s and doctoral students in the Asia-Pacific region are welcome to sign up for the 4th Asia-Pacific HPC-AI Competition to jointly challenge high-level HPC and AI applications.

Associate Professor TanTInWee, Director of the Singapore Supercomputing Center, said: “It has been more than a year since the discovery of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), but its impact on the entire human race and society as a whole is still spreading. We should also keep this lesson in mind as we examine the hazards and impacts of the future. The key to preventing epidemics is to be prepared, and events like the Asia-Pacific HPC-AI competition are in the process of training, training and equipping the next generation of HPC and AI. Professionals are crucial, so that they have the relevant knowledge and capabilities in advance to face future global challenges, such as epidemic prevention and control.”

After the teams are selected at the end of April this year, the contestants in 2021 will receive relevant knowledge and technical training and compete for six months. With the support of Singapore Supercomputing, the parameter team can conduct practical exercises on the machines of the Singapore Supercomputing Center, and each team has a specific time to get special hands-on operation rights like a scientific research institution. Every team needs to understand the complex HPC and AI business that comes from today’s critical applications.

This year’s competition will continue to use the online format. During the competition, remote cooperation and competition are required. Each parameter team will compete on the following two mainstream HPC and AI tasks to demonstrate their strengths.

GROMACS-GROningenMAchineforChemicalSimulations, a molecular dynamics simulation task for chemical simulations using GROningenMAchine, a popular simulation tool designed for biochemical molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids.

DLRM-DeepLearningRecommendationModel is a deep learning recommendation model developed by Facebook based on the neural network framework PyTorch and Caffe2, which is oriented to the horizontal expansion calculation of the fully connected layer. .

Mr. Gilad Shainer, Chairman of the International High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee, said: “HPC and AI have become important tools to promote scientific progress, especially in this special period, and they are playing an unprecedented critical role. The students who are trained by the competition are often able to cope better than their peers when faced with the current second year of the epidemic, the quarantine of the epidemic, and their studies. Through the competition, it is not only the students who learned the competition It also provides students with an opportunity to build their professional network earlier, including long-term friendships with fellow competitors and future colleagues.”

The winner of this competition will receive a prize of $5,000 and an entry ticket to the ISC Student Cluster Competition (ISCStudentClusterCompetition) to be held in Germany in 2022. The results of the competition will be announced in November this year, and the award ceremony will be held It will be held at SupercomputingAsia2022 next year.

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