PVC pipe fitting injection mould supplier China

China Pipe Fitting Co., is the professional PVC pipe fitting injection mould supplier in China. China PIPE manufactures all kinds of PVC pipe fitting moulds: UPVC pipe fitting mould, CPVC pipe fitting mould, PVC belling pipe fitting moulds and so on. According to the shape they are: Tee pipe fittings, Elbow pipe fittings, U pipe fittings, Thread pipe fittings, Reducer pipe fittings, Y pipe fittings and etc.
The key point of PVC pipe fitting moulds, take the 16-cavity Tee pipe fitting moulds for example. The picture below:

China make this kind of pipe fitting moulds with 16-cavity, 32-cavity, 48-cavity according to our customers’ need.

The key point of Tee pipe fitting moulds:
1. The pipe fitting moulds need a very fast cycle time. So we must make the ejection smoothly and speed up the cooling time so that quicken the total cycle time.
2. The pipes need a very high reliability, due to its using.
3. The every pipes need a very good mating with each other.

If you have any new projects on pipe fitting moulds and injection machines, please feel free to contact me.

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