Punch level correction adjustment method

Punch level correction and adjustment method

After the press has been used for a period of time, loose parts or other problems often occur, resulting in a significant drop in its accuracy. This will seriously affect the use of the equipment. Therefore, we find that when the accuracy of the equipment decreases, effective measures will be taken to adjust its level. Our commonly used adjustment methods for level correction mainly include the following:

  • 1. First, clean the punch frame thoroughly to increase the accuracy of the level reading; there is no need to feed in during debugging, but the guide screw on the guide plate must be adjusted upward, and then the equipment is slowly adjusted by elbow movement. To the bottom dead center, special attention must be paid to the guide plate not to press the floating rod too low, otherwise it will cause the floating rod to bend or break. When starting the feeder for continuous punching, the speed adjustment screw of the feeder must be rotated clockwise, and the slider moves slightly slower, so that you can see whether the nylon pad and the length fine-tuning screw are encountered when the slider moves back and forth.
  • 2. The slider moves back and forth during the test machine. If you only touch the nylon washer without touching the length fine-tuning screw, this is because the floating rod has not fallen deep enough, and the bow guide screw on the punch needs to be slowly lowered. If the slider only touches the length fine-tuning screw and does not touch the nylon washer when the slider moves back and forth, this is because the floating rod has fallen too deeply, and the guide screw needs to be adjusted upward slowly.
  • 3. If the slider moves between the length fine-tuning screw and the nylon washer and the distance between the two sides is equal, the speed adjustment screw should be rotated in a counterclockwise direction to make the slider speed normal, and the slider can be touched when reciprocating Nylon gasket and spacer ring. If the equipment speed does not change and the feeding distance needs to be changed from long to short, first adjust the guide screw upward to reduce the falling distance of the floating rod, and then rotate the speed adjustment screw clockwise so that the feeding can match the equipment speed.

If there is an error in the accuracy of the punch, we can adjust it according to the above method, so that it can work more accurately, improve work efficiency, and reduce work errors.

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