Programming methods of CNC machining center

Nowadays, many workpieces are processed by cnc machine tools. The use of CNC machine tools for processing is not only simple and convenient, but also guarantees the quality of the workpieces and fast work efficiency.
the precision CNC machined parts processing refers to the use of cnc machining centers for processing. It is understood that in current times, there are usually two programming methods for Cnc Machining centers.
One is called a simple contour-a contour composed of straight lines and arcs, which is directly programmed with the G code of the CNC system.
The other is called complex contours: three-dimensional curved contours. Automatic programming software (CAD / CAM) is used to draw three-dimensional graphics in the computer. Various corresponding parameters are set according to the type of the surface to automatically generate a CNC machining program.
These two programming methods can basically meet the requirements of CNC machining at present.
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