plastics injection molding condition

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In injection mould design and manufacture, injection molding has the following three points:
1, the Mold temperature. Mold temperature is one of the key factors affecting the molding. Generally high to fill mold temperature, mold temperature imbalance will seriously affect the packing. So when the mass production need regular replacement of cooling water and cleaning the mould waterway,
2, the molding time. The holding pressure and holding time is too long can cause mold release products hole area when white inequality, cracking and surface defects.
3, material preheat. Fully dry before injection, especially the surface gloss of plastics should be required to preheat and dry for a long time.
Because of the influence of the mold temperature on the molding shrinkage ratio is large, but also directly affect the mechanical properties of injection molding products, so we must keep the mold in the specified temperature range, but also to make the mold temperature changes over time. Multi-cavity mould temperature difference between the cavity will not change. Therefore, must be taken in the mold design to mold heating or cooling temperature control measures, and in order to make the mold temperature to minimize of each cavity q, must pay attention to cooling circuit design. Generally can be set up separately for each cavity cooling waterway, and in the cavity cooling water outlet flow control device.

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