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 China MOULD CO.,Ltd is a professional Jar perform mould manufacturer, make the jar perform mould with high quality, design the mould with suitable cavities and provide the kindly after sales service for customers. Let the customers achieve the MAX benefit.


Jar perform, the diameter of the perform neck 45mm, often blow to be used for store the candy, dry snacks and so on. Sino mould has 75 experienced designers specializing in design Jar perform mould, according to customers’ output requirement, the diameter of the preform neck and the volume, they can recommend the suitable cavities and suitable injection machines. What’s more, they design the mould with hot runner with valve pin system, copper pipe in the core or cooling chiller outside of the cavity to shorten the cycle time. As for the steel, we often use the 2311, S420(HRC48-52) 2316 2083.


The Quality Control Department has a strict system to ensure every mould is qualified before shipment. The Jar preform mold inspection key points is weight, wall thickness, eccentricity, sprue, half line and so on.


If you want to make Jar preform mould or any related project, Please contact China MOULD. We can provide you a fine turnkey solution and technical supports.


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