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 China MOULD is a professional IML manufacturer in China, which can offer you a good quality IML line solution. We have two factories: one is MOULD factory, and another one is the injection machine factory – can supply customer the machines with auxiliary equipment and the robot.


There are more and more IML productions in our daily life, such as food package IML, container lid flat & side IML, table & chair IML, and flower pot IML. As for the IML system, all the equipment as follows:

   Plastic Mould

   Injection system.

a. plastic injection molding machine.

b. plastic raw material dryer.

c. auto loader.

d. plastic injection mould

e. air compressor

f. water chiller.

   Labeling system

   a. robot for label collecting.

   b. robot for feed the label into the mould and pick out of the plastic labeled parts.

   c. robot for stacking the plastic labeled part.

   d. conveyor.

If you have the project about IML, please do not hesitate to contact China! Because China is one of the most famous IML manufacturer and can offer you a fine turnkey solution.


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