OnRobot’s one-stop collaboration application products and solutions debut at the 2020 CIIF

Collaborative Applications OnRobot, a manufacturer that provides a full range of plug-and-play robotic tools, participated in the 22nd China International Industry Fair, bringing a full range of products and solutions for one-stop collaborative applications. At the same time, OnRobot also released OnRobot Sander, a plug-and-play robot sanding device.

James Taylor, General Manager of OnRobot Asia Pacific, said: “We are very pleased to participate in this expo. OnRobot’s vision of creating a one-stop shop for collaborative applications is in line with the theme of this year’s expo “Intelligent Connectivity Empowers New Developments in the Industry” OnRobot is committed to using its expertise in collaborative applications to bring a series of innovative solutions to customers to help customers improve their market competitiveness and continue to promote the development of collaborative applications in industrial manufacturing.”


OnRobot has recently released a variety of products and solutions including a small gecko single-pad (Gecko SP) gripper, 3FG15 three-finger gripper, smart screw tightening tool Screwdriver, Eyes vision system and flexible gripper. , covering multiple automation application scenarios such as assembly, material handling, machine tool management, and visual guidance.

Wang Feng, General Manager of OnRobot Greater China, said: “OnRobot will continue to deeply cultivate the Chinese market, continue to fulfill its commitment to Chinese customers, and strengthen cooperation with industry partners to meet the changing market needs with innovative products and solutions, and enable local manufacturing. Businesses really benefit from innovative collaborative applications that drive the development of smart manufacturing in China.”

OnRobot Sander, a plug-and-play robotic sander, provides a cost-effective option for sanding applications

During this year’s CIIF, OnRobot released OnRobot Sander, the latest achievement of its automation solution, an all-electric random orbital sander for automatic grinding and polishing.

The OnRobot Sander kit contains everything needed to help customers start a sanding application quickly and easily: plug-and-play sanding tools, a variety of standard sanding and polishing pads, easy-to-use programming software, optional force /torque sensor and a particle size changer that automatically switches between different particle sizes without human intervention.

With easy-to-use built-in software, users can write simple surface preparation applications on the Sander. Ease of use is further enhanced by a new “Save Location” button on the device and a routing option with the built-in software. OnRobot Sander supports flat or curved parts with uneven geometry and accommodates surface variations or part misalignment, improving operational consistency and quality while reducing scrap. Sander’s brushless motors are reliable and durable, and have a lower operating cost than traditional air sanders, which is only 5% of the air sanding system. All the advanced features of OnRobot Sander are implemented on Universal Robots and are compatible with most robot brands.

OnRobot Sander also provides a safer work environment. Sanding jobs are often dirty and dangerous, with the potential to pose a health hazard to workers. OnRobot Sander uses 3M clean sandpaper discs to extract more dust and ensure the cleanest work environment possible to keep workers safe.

Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot, said: “OnRobot is committed to providing small and medium businesses with an affordable, application-centric solution that is easy to set up and maintain. OnRobotSander is a versatile sanding tool that eliminates the need for traditional automatic All the features and benefits that customers have come to expect from an automatic sander without the hassle and expense of sanding tools.”

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