New high-speed 3-in-1 Ethernet and IP test platform

Aukua Systems has released its new XGA4250 hardware platform. This new platform complements its MGA2510 by increasing its unique 3-in-1 testing solution to support higher speeds of 25G and beyond.

The rapid increase of advanced cloud-based applications in enterprise data centre networks drives the demand for faster connectivity speeds than 10G, which has been the dominant rate for the last few years. Since 802.3by was ratified and approved by IEEE as a standard in 2016, more organisations are choosing 25G Ethernet instead of 40G as their favoured server to top-of-rack interconnect speed as it provides newer technology with a smaller footprint and offers a clear upgrade path to 50G, 200G and beyond. As well as data centres, 25G Ethernet also appears as the preferred connection technology for front-haul and mid-haul applications deployed in mobile 5G networks succeeding legacy technologies like CPRI.

“As our customers have increased the speed of their networks and products, they are demanding that we augment their test capabilities with a higher speed version of the much-loved MGA2510,” said Suds Rajagopal, Aukua’s co-founder and vice president.

Like the MGA2510, the new XGA4250 is uniquely capable of being used as a traffic generator and analyser, inline packet capture, or a network impairment emulator system. “This flexibility is critical in enabling our customers to develop and deploy new, groundbreaking technologies like Open RAN used in 5G Wireless, Automotive Ethernet and other new high-speed interconnects,” Rajagopal added.

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