Mythic launches analogue processor

Mythic launches analogue processor

To address a wider range of designs, the M1076 AMP comes in several form factors: a standalone processor; a PCIe M.2 card; a PCIe card with up to 16 AMPs.

The M1076 AMP can support up to 25TOPSof AI compute in a 3W power envelope. In a 16-chip configuration, the M1076 AMP PCIe card delivers up to 400TOPs of AI compute while consuming  75W.

The device measures 22mm x 30mm in a PCIe M.2 A+E Key card.

For edge AI systems that require more demanding workloads, a PCIe card form-factor with16 Mythic AMPS supportingup to 400 TOPSand 1.28 billion weights in a 75W power profilebcan be utilized.

The device can also support  AR/VR applications with low latency human body pose estimation which is expected to drive future smart fitness, gaming, and collaborative robotics devices.

Mythic recently announced it has raised $70 million in Series C funding, bringing the company’s total funding to $165.2 million.

With this new round of funding the company will focus on scaling up the production of the company’ssolutions, investingin its technologyroadmap, and increasing support for the company’s growing customer base across APAC, Europe,and the U.S.

ME1076 PCIe M.2 A+E Key and MM1076PCIe M.2 M Key cards are available for evaluation beginning in July2021.

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