Murata upgrades power inductors

Murata upgrades power inductors

The DFE21CCNR24MEL has a 0.24 µH inductance value, with an RDC of 20mOhm (Max) and an ISAT of 6.5A (Max).

For the DFE21CCNR47MEL, the key values are 0.47 µH for inductance, 29mOhm (Max) for RDC and 4.8 A (Max) for ISAT.

The 1.0 µH-rated DFE21CCN1R0MEL and 2.2 µH-rated DFE21CCN2R2MEL have respective typical RDC figures of 60mOhm and 138mOhm, with ISAT figures of 3.3A and 2.1A.

Murata’s DFE21CCN_EL series components are supplied in 0805 inch size format.

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