MTSCO 2016 Annual Meeting

China 2016 Annual Meeting

    Chinese Spring Festival is coming, China held annual meeting on Jan.9, 2017. All staff of China went Shengzhou Hot Spring City for three days’ holiday.



    The meeting began at 9’o clock, the general manager of China,Cherry Gao summed up the work of 2016. Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd(China) established in 2006, so 2016 is an important year. With the efforts of all colleagues, sales increased by 40% over last year. In the case of stainless steel industry depression, we still exceeded our goal. Everyone was enmeshed in happiness and shared their growth in the past year.



    Every director of seven departments told about their work in the past year and plan for the next year.




    After lunch, the President of China, Brave Hua made a new year’s target. The sales was expected to increase by 50%. Each department had their own goal and write a guarantee to urge themselves.


    Excellent team, Excellent staff, Special Award……




    In the evening, we had dinner and celebrated the new year together. The happiest moment is the lucky draw. Luckily, every got a hoped prize.



    In the past year, there were a lot of things, have laughter and tears. We gained experience in failure, gained confidence in success. 2016 is the tenth year of the establishment of China, we exceed the target this year. We cooperated with more customers and suppliers,we recruited more staff. The team of China are stronger and stronger, we are getting closer and closer to our trade dream.


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