Mouser stocks the Analog Devices AD9081 and AD9082 MxFE

August 12, 2021 – Mouser Electronics, a distributor of Electronic components focused on introducing new products and offering massive inventory, is now supplying Analog Devices, Inc’s AD9081 mixed-signal front-end (MxFE)TM) and AD9082 MxFE. The two versatile RF converter platforms combine high-performance analog and digital signal processing for a variety of wireless applications, including 4G LTE and 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) radios as well as phased array radar systems and electronic defense applications.

The Analog Devices AD9081, available from Mouser, is a reconfigurable, highly integrated RF MxFE that contains four 16-bit 12 GSPS digital-to-analog converter (DAC) cores and four 12-bit 4 GSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) cores . The product features 8 transmit and 8 receive channels, supporting data rates of 24.75 Gbps (JESD204C) or 15.5 Gbps (JESD204B) per channel. The AD9081 is available in two models: the 4D4AC model supports full instantaneous channel bandwidth, while the 4D4AB model supports a maximum high-speed bandwidth of 600 MHz per channel and automatically configures the digital signal processor (DSP) to limit the bandwidth at startup.

The AD9082 MxFE integrates four 16-bit 12 GSPS DAC cores and two 12-bit 6 GSPS ADC cores with 8 transmit and 8 receive channels, supporting data rates of 24.75 Gbps (JESD204C) or 15.5 Gbps (JESD204B) per channel. The AD9082 is also available in two variants: 4D2AC, which supports 4 DACs and 2 ADCs, and 2D2AC, which supports 2 DACs and 2 ADCs. Both models of the MxFE feature on-chip clock multipliers and DSP functions, and provide bypass mode that allows the full bandwidth functions of the ADC or DAC core to bypass the DSP datapath.

The AD9801 and AD9802 are supported by the AD9081-FMCA-EBZ and AD9082-FMCA-EBZ evaluation boards, respectively, which contain all the support circuitry required to operate the MxFE in various modes and configurations. Both evaluation boards can be connected to ADI’s ADS9-V2EBZ or ADS8-V3EBZ (purchased separately) for evaluation using ADI’s Analyze|Control|Evaluate (ACE) software, and also to Xilinx®or Intel®FPGA development board.

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