More Details For Notice About Aluminum CNC Machining

Third, the case description: The existing finishing reamer processing products, the shortcomings are:Description 1, the design requirements: As shown in Figure 1, in the red logo at the steps can not form protrusions and fillets. 2, the problem: similar to this hole processing, according to the product design and functional requirements, in the product part of the table shown in the table chamfer, can not fully reach the theoretical value in the chamfer, because the aluminum alloy in the processing process easy Resulting in extrusion deformation, especially in the sharp edge of the formation of protrusions (Figure 2)
Figure 2: the actual contour after processing 3, the reasons for the analysis: 1. As a result of precision machining tool manufacturing process features, that is, the use of wire cutting machine tool to complete the steps of the production, and wire cutting the minimum diameter of molybdenum D0.25 . 2. The machine tool spindle and the tool handle beating during tooling, the plastic deformation of the raw material leads to the formation of protrusions as shown in Figures 3 B and C. Therefore, in the machining industry in accordance with the conventional tool design and production process is unable to meet the design requirements, and here because the parts of the assembly and functional requirements can not be compromised.
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