Mold-Masters Tech Forum Draws 70-Plus

mold-Masters held its 2nd Technology Forum recently in Kulmbach, Germany. More than 70 people interested in multicomponent moulding applications participated. The venue had been booked out far in advance of the event.

The forum was headlined “Tool Design and Processes Optimization in Multi-Component Applications.” Offering a strong regional focus and an accompanying trade show set up by the forum partners, the technical conference was appreciated by participants for its content and professional level of organization.

Eight practical lectures delivered by representatives of the companies Zahoransky, Oerlikon-Balzers, Hoffmann Werkzeugbau, and Allod, as well as Mold-Masters, covered all aspects of multicomponent applications from a first-hand perspective. They included useful details about hot runner systems, tool and mould making, plastics technology, and the process parameters of today’s hot runner temperature controllers.

In the breaks between the technical speeches, forum visitors could go to the trade show area to receive full updates on products and services offered by the forum partners. Discussions of current technologies and upcoming projects were encouraged by a workshop-like atmosphere the participants enjoyed.

With this second forum in the series, Mold-Masters reconfirmed that such local events, dedicated to a specific topic and target audience, provide the best return for visitors and forum partners alike. The company’s Technology Forum has become an important link between hot runner technology suppliers, designers, toolmakers, and experts from the plastics industry, fulfilling the Mold-Masters “sharing the knowledge” slogan and serving to promote the transfer of know-how within the hot runner industry.

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