Medical Pail Mold suppliers

Sinomould is a world famous medical pail mold supplier. It owns a strong Mold team to design and manufacture medical pail molds. We have 1L medical pail mold, 1.5L medical pail mold, 2.5L medical pail mold, 5Lmedical pail mold, 10L medical pail mold, 15L medical pail mold and 20L medical pail mold.

Medical pails are stated for medical waste such as injections, bandages, biological materials and they are disposable. The material of the medical pail is PP.

Our medical pails with good stacking, it is the most important thing we concern. We make sure good stacking and no problem of removable from stacking.



If you are interested to purchase medical pail molds, please contact me directly!

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