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What’s a CNC wood router machine and how will its acquisition affect your company's operations? How effective will the introduction of modern technologies and equipment into the production of mass-produced and designer furniture be? These and other questions will be answered by ChinaCNC employees, creators of CNC wood router machine and processing centers.

The information below is intended for owners of existing furniture shops and those who are just planning to open their own workshop, but doubt the effectiveness of numerical software management.



1.Application of CNC wood router and furniture manufacturing

2. Furniture software

3.ChinaCNC Solutions



The ultimate goal of any company is to make a profit. In woodworking and mass-making furniture, where commodity prices are kept at a stable level, one of the few ways to reduce costs is to increase productivity by increasing processing speed and reducing equipment downtime. To do this, you need to rethink all the production processes, to plan the work in a new way. Whichever way you go, sooner or later you will come to the conclusion that the manufacture of furniture on the machine with CNC will be the most profitable solution.

Let's make a comparison with metalworking. To make many details of a complex configuration on machines with manual control is almost impossible, and engineering companies, which "did not have time" to modernize their parks and go to CNC, now find themselves overboard. Even if their staff has enough qualified machine tools, they will not cope with bulk orders, and the cost of products will be unreasonably high. The days when carvings were done with a hand tool are gone forever.

Despite the fact that the production of furniture on CNC is still perceived as a kind of exotic, the future is behind him. Software management has revolutionized mechanical engineering, and woodworking will be the same. By the nature of our activities, we often have to face a variety of prejudices and doubts. We will try to dispel the most frequent of them:

   The machine itself, its operation and maintenance are expensive.

   Programming is too complicated. It will take time to master it.

   The machine should work the whole shift without stopping and only for mass production.


Reality looks different:

   The price-quality ratio for machines with CNC is good. Most businesses can find equipment on their own budget. If we take as an example the ChinaCNC machines, the price difference depending on performance and destination will be from 5,500 to 30,000 US Dollar. If you buy equipment for leasing, the monthly payment for the most powerful series will be less than 500 Dollars

   Programming can be very simple. If you have the skills to draw and compile technological maps you are already a programmer. Any machine toolman should be able to read and draw drawings, and the rest will be done by the computer. The modern software environment, or CAM system, works like this: you load a 3D model or two-dimensional circuit, assign a sequence of operations, and the computer calculates the trajectory of the cutting tool and forms a ready-made program in G-codesthat can be loaded into the machine.

   10 units tools is already a series. It will take some time to create the program, but the processing speed and reduced downtime will offset these costs. Practice shows that high loading rates can be achieved due to the versatility of the equipment. The production of furniture on the CNC machine includes operations of cutting, milling edges, drilling and melting holes, engraving. All this is done from one base: you stack the blank and get the finished parts on the way out.


Choosing software is as important as buying a machine. The specifics of the production of wood furniture and composite materials vary greatly. In the first case, the furniture maker deals with blanks of different shapes and sizes, and in the second – with standard sheets. This should be taken into account when compiling a management program. That is, the software for the programming of the machine should take into account the economic aspect.

The most popular among furniture makers are the following programs:

   Vcarve PRO

VCarve Pro provides a powerful but intuitive software solution for creating and cutting parts on China CNC Router. VCarve Pro gives you the power to produce complex 2D patterns with profile, pocket, drill and inlay toolpaths, plus gives you the ability to create designs with v-carving textures as well as import and machine unlimited Vectric 3D clipart or single model files. The ‘Pro’ edition gives you unlimited job and toolpath size, true shape nesting & job set-up sheets, ideally suited to a production environment.

   Plyboard software for Cabinets Making   

      Simple intuitive design

Easy to learn design process that is much faster than a traditional CAD package. Size your carcass and drop in your components (drawers, doors, shelves and so on). Resize and the entire model is updated for you.No need for a specialist technician to work up your projects, perfect for small to medium workshops.

      Complex calculations on auto

Sloping walls and ceilings, irregular angles, boxing around pipework are all quick to accommodate. From simple box cabinets to L shaped and corner cabinets to free form designs.Polyboard's powerful parametric motor immediately generates 100% accurate output complete with all cut angles every time.

      User friendly project management

Drag and drop individual cabinets into a project like a room layout, assess aesthetics, ease of manufacture and resize to fit.Add single piece or composite worktops, splash backs, plinths and more, all included in the cut list, plans and CNC files.


     OptiNest nesting software 

      Optimise according to your own priorities

OptiNest's adaptable algorithms make it possible to adjust the optimisation to your specific needs.If cutting very expensive material put the priority on minimising waste, if cutting cheaper materials on an expensive CNC optimise the machine cutting time. If you have a lot of parts to nest minimise the nesting calculation time.This is what makes OptiNest truly industrial grade nesting.

      Grain management function

This feature works in combination with Polyboard. In your cabinet design, you can group a series of parts e.g. door façades, and apply continuous grain across them. Polyboard writes a post processor report including this grain identifier, for input to OptiNest so the parts are placed in sequence next to each other. Another reason OptiNest is the ideal nesting software for woodworking.  

     Pieces grouping function

Pieces are paired to create 'virtual pieces', which in turn will be used as single pieces during the optimisation process.

     Drilled pieces

OptiNest can manage drilled or bored pieces. Holes are treated as a specific tooling type.The software also recovers the material freed by cut outs, and re-uses it to place smaller pieces.

      Rotations and reversals

Rotation and reversal parameters define the permitted part movements, rotations and flipping.Our nesting software accommodates 4 rotation levels and flipping.

     Propagation mode

Propagation describes the placing method of a single piece produced in large quantities, minimising the off cut rate between pieces.

As a general rule, the piece is grouped with itself, then the grouping is propagated along 2 axes. The larger the panel size, the greater the level of optimisation you'll obtain.


If you master this program, your only limitation will be fantasy. You will be able to program the cut, 3D milling, engraving and other operations for the manufacture of furniture from plywood, wood, MDF, the production of children's furniture on CNC, as well as interior design items.

Detailed advice on working with ArtCAM can be obtained from ChinaCNC engineers.



Customers' requirements for product quality are constantly expanding. In the budget segment, you are sure to face tough requirements for the timing of manufacturing, and customers of premium furniture will certainly require a unique and expensive design. Our company is ready to offer solutions for any of the tasks set by the client.

In our catalog there are 7 series of portal milling machines with CNC. As examples of specialization of equipment, we will present 3 of them:

   S series 

The machines in this series are designed for cutting sheet materials, milling and 3D engraving. They are well productive, which has been achieved due to high speeds of cutting and idling. You can make furniture from plywood, MDF, DSP of any formats on the CNC machine. The equipment comes in 4 versions of the size of the work field (up to 2030×6050 mm).

    S series 2 Head processing

The distinctive feature of this model is the two-spin design. There are two modes of operation possible: consistent processing and copying. To make a complex configuration facade with a three-dimensional pattern on the surface, the first spindle can install a cutter, and in the second – a engraver, cut the part and apply the image. An example of the second mode is the simultaneous manufacture of two identical pieces of furniture decor.

   C & D ,E Sereis

The production of complex carved furniture for CNC in this series is not the most difficult task. The movement of the portal, carriage and spindle in combination with the rotation of the blank makes it possible to produce three-dimensional figures of arbitrary configuration. We recommend this machine for those who have decided to take up designer furniture.

If you're interested in the above models, please contact us to find out more interesting details. Email or ask questions over the phone.

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