Maintenance skills of turning and milling compound machine tools

Maintenance technology for turning and Milling Machine tools

1. Long-term use of turning and milling machine tools may cause loosening of parts such as screws and protective covers. It is necessary to check whether the screws and other parts are loose and deal with them in time.

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2. Regularly check whether the hydraulic oil is discolored or contains impurities, and replace it in time.

The key parts such as the sliding bracket and headstock of the machine should be wiped regularly to prevent rust oil.

3. Before using the machine, please check whether the machine is normal. If there are any minor problems, you must use the machine in time.


Abnormal lubrication can cause heat and even damage important parts of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the machine before work to ensure that the lubrication chain works normally.

4. The working environment of the machine should be dry and clean to avoid short circuit leakage due to excessive humidity or dust in the air.

If the lathe and milling machine have severe noise or excessive vibration during operation, they should stop immediately and contact maintenance personnel for inspection

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