Luopu developed the two characteristics of the regulating valve and the difference between the gas film regulating valve

It is reported that Ropp’s new generation of regulating valve RPV6 has come out, which makes this fully functional regulating valve stand out in the world of control valves. It not only has the characteristics of other classification valves, but also reduces weight and height by 30%. Of favor! Now introduce its uniqueness:
RPV6 new-generation high-performance pneumatic control valve is a new type of straight-stroke control valve developed according to advanced German technology, and is currently a product of the international advanced level. The biggest difference between it and the pneumatic membrane control valve is:
A: The double-acting cylinder type actuator with spring used has great thrust and high rigidity, sensitive action, high positioning accuracy and fast response speed. The upper and lower parts of the piston receive pure compressed air at the same time. The cylinder After hard anodic oxidation treatment, the surface hardness increases, the surface will never fade, and the interior will never corrode. It can accept the pressure of the air source as high as 1.0MPA, even in the face of a very high fluid pressure difference, it can switch freely and achieve a tight shut-off. When the air source fails, the spring can use the valve to switch or open automatically, ensuring the safety of the system. The cylinder is made of die-cast aluminum alloy material. Compared with the film actuator, it has the characteristics of sturdiness and durability, strong thrust, small size, light weight and easy handling. Equipped with a double-acting valve positioner, it can provide more precise control and higher stability.
B: Modular design and assembly are adopted, and on-site maintenance is extremely convenient. Automatic centering non-threaded seat. The seat of the traditional control valve is locked on the valve body by thread. The design is complicated and the maintenance and replacement are very difficult. However, the seat of the RPV6 control valve adopts a threadless connection, and the fixing force of the seat is passed The pressure exerted by the bonnet and the fixed cage can be self-centered during assembly, which ensures the concentricity of the valve core and seat, and can achieve minimal leakage without grinding, and replacement of spare parts is easy and accurate. The valve seat fixing cage can guide fluid, buffer fluid pressure, protect the valve body from fluid erosion, flashing and cavitation, and at the same time reduce noise, it can make maintenance easy, quickly reduce costs, and significantly increase service life .
RPV6 new generation pneumatic control valve has advanced technology and excellent performance. It is amazing in terms of high quality, high performance, low weight and easy maintenance. At the same time, it has the advantages of single seat valve and cage sleeve valve. Single seat valve and cage sleeve only need to replace the valve core and valve seat. And can be achieved. It has the characteristics of regulating, shutting off and shutting off the pressure difference and small leakage. It is the latest generation of control valves.

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