Low-capacitance ESD protection array for high-speed data and audio interfaces

New Yorker Electronics has released the new Amazing Microelectronic Corp AZ1015-02N Low-Capacitance ESD Protection TVS Array for High-Speed Data Interfaces. The device is employed for Audio Interface, Monitor and Flat Panel display, USB2.0 and SIM Ports. The multifaceted device sustains low surge clamping voltage for ESD/EOS Protection, low capacitance to maintain signal integrity and provides varying integration techniques to decrease cost.

The device is a high-performance design that includes surge-rated diode arrays to protect high-speed data interfaces. It has been specially developed to protect sensitive components connected to data and transmission lines from over-voltage caused by ESD, EFT and lightning.

Its unique design includes surge-rated, low-capacitance steering diodes and a unique design of clamping cell, which is an equivalent TVS diode in a single package. Through transient conditions, the steering diodes direct the transient to the power supply line or the ground line. The unique internal design of the clamping cell stops overvoltage on the power line, protecting any downstream components.

This low-capacitance ESD Protection Array is intended to protect two data lines and power rails from transient overvoltage (such as ESD stress pulse). When ESD voltage pulse arises on the data line, the ESD pulse current will be conducted by the device away from the USB controller chip, even when the pulse shows on the VBUS of the USB port. Consequently, the data lines and VBUS of the two ports are fully protected with this device. With regard to audio interference, the ESD pulse current is discharged, therefore, fully protecting the right/left channels of the audio chip.

Application uses include audio interfaces, USB2.0 power and data line protection, notebook and pc computers, monitors and flat panel displays, IEEE 1394 Firewire ports, video graphics cards, and SIM ports.

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