Looking at the professional five-axis linkage processing plant, we have to look at those details.

When inspecting the professional five-axis linkage processing factory, we must first look at the equipment is not advanced enough, what kind of precision effect can be achieved during processing, and then observe the environmental sanitation on the site is not enough clean and tidy, then look at the details of the NC operator to do things, have you done it? Take care of the product. Understand how many machines and technicians and managers in the company's scale, have no professional processing experience, how much tolerance can be achieved by machining the workpiece, and the minimum tolerance range can be achieved without sufficient experience. The product.
Then look at the details of the production of the product has not done, the quality of the product, the smoothness of the finish is not good, the difficulty and accuracy of the product is not high, the products made are not beautiful enough. The company's technical team is not professional enough, programmers and NC operators have no professional five-axis processing experience, the company produces enough smooth and has not had successful cases of difficult products, the company's working atmosphere is good, go to work Employees have no vitality. How many years of industry experience and corporate culture the company has, the efficiency of production is not high enough, the process of clamping is not professional, and there are fast and quality-guaranteed solutions for difficult products. What is the status of the employees who go to work, and the management of the site is not strict enough. These are all must be investigated.
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