Kitchenware mould maker China

Kitchenware mould maker China is a famous mould manufacturer for seal container mould,daily using mould,plastic cup mould,bowl mould,etc.

Kitchenware mould maker China could make multi-cavity moulds for disposable cutlery mould,baby using bowl mould,fruit dish mould,multi-cavity cup mould and so on.For kitchware mould with multi-cavity,the most important is to avoid wall thickness variation,so the mould design and mould tooling is best way to check the mould quality.

With good cooling system for the kitchenware moulds,we could get high efficiency production with shorter cycle time.If we could reduce 1s or 2s for every cycle time,the production could add 10% every day.

Kitchenware mould maker China could supply you a turnkey project for kitchenware molding solution.please feel free to contact meif you have any new invest in plastic molding industry.We would offer you our best solution.Thanks.

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