Introduction to precision metal processing technology and operation specifications ?

Introduction to precision metal processing technology and operation specifications ?
Precision hardware can be cut according to manufacturing needs. Afterwards, some small parts can be processed by gong cutting or CNC lathe processing, and precision hardware must be processed by cutting punch, then welding, and then sanding and oil spraying. After that, the parts are made. It should be reminded that the surface of small parts must be electroplated or sprayed with oil after polishing. There are many batch processing conditions of precision metal processing parts. Therefore, the method and time limit of precision metal processing are different from the operating standards and technology of general commodity processing. The precision metal processing factory will give you a detailed introduction to its process and operating specifications.
   The production process route has a lot of uncertainty. This kind of parts or commodities can have a variety of processing processes, and the production process requires a wide variety of mechanical processing equipment and tooling fixtures. Because the stainless steel parts processing and manufacturing industry is specifically scattered processing, the quality and production efficiency of the products depend on the technical strength of the technicians. The key to the automation level is at the unit level, such as cnc machine tools and flexible manufacturing systems.
Commodity parts and accessories usually choose the form of close combination of self-made and outsourcing processing. For example, special processes such as vacuum coating, stainless steel polishing, oxidation, and silk screen laser marking will be entrusted to external manufacturers for processing. There are many necessary parts and components. The production department often has to fill out a lot of material picking lists and see "one-line" manufacturing orders on site. If there is production technology supervision, many production technology transfer orders must be filled out.
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