Industry | my country will be the first anti-telecom cyber fraud legislation 360 to cooperate in the fight against cyber fraud

As a new type of crime, telecommunications network fraud has become a major “cancer” that endangers the vital interests of the people. Recently, the draft law on anti-telecommunications network fraud was submitted to the 31st meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress for the first time. This will be the first time that my country has introduced special legislation on combating telecommunication network fraud.

In response to the current situation of telecommunications network fraud, three and sixty (601360.SH, hereinafter referred to as “360”) security experts pointed out that the card issuance platform has become an important part of the supply of black and gray resources and assumes the backbone of the overall black and gray industry chain. The convenience of the card issuance platform has indirectly created the proliferation of black and gray resources, wool parties, and fraud gangs. From the perspective of offensive and defensive technology, in order to control the entire fraud environment, fraud gangs gradually lead victims to chat software built using third-party chat SDKs, and embed fraud platforms in the chat software to form a closed-loop fraud ecosystem.

Moreover, the current black and gray crimes are more professional and more sophisticated. Scammers continue to iterate technology, upgrade their speech skills, optimize the division of labor, and adopt more “professional” methods to implement fraud, which makes it more difficult for technical confrontation.

According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, 360 mobile phone first compensation received a total of 1,371 reports of mobile phone fraud. Among them, there were 669 fraud applications, involving a total amount of 14.252 million yuan and a per capita loss of 21,304 yuan.

In response to this, the draft law on anti-telecommunications network fraud is in accordance with the requirements of improving the preventive legal system, and strengthens the construction of preventive systems and measures for the information chain, capital chain, technology chain, and personnel chain where telecommunications network fraud occurs. At the same time, the draft stipulates that relevant enterprises shall bear corresponding civil liabilities in accordance with the law for losses caused by telecommunications network fraud or increased losses due to major faults.

How to solve the problem of telecommunications network fraud? 360 experts believe that the fight against telecommunications network fraud needs to rely on the joint support and cooperation of Internet companies, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and operators, and it needs to focus on the five directions of detection, prevention, combat, training, and publicity to promote multi-party co-governance, precise combat, and anti-fraud The implementation of the closed-loop system.

As a long-term enterprise engaged in the research fields of cybercrime, black and gray production, anti-fraud, etc., based on big data, knowledge base and technical analysis capabilities, and relying on the efficient empowerment of 360 security brain, 360 has built a set of association analysis based on 360 big data. Technical telecommunication network fraud monitoring and early warning counter-acting system.

It is reported that this actual combat system can provide technical support for clues concatenation, case investigation and other links, and provide technical support for the governance of my country’s cyberspace. At present, it has supported the national public security organs in uncovering thousands of cyber-related crimes, and has effectively safeguarded the people’s property.

In addition, the 360 ​​Mobile Guardian Anti-Fraud Center was launched in September this year. It has set up multiple early warning protection mechanisms that can provide different levels of early warning reminders for users receiving text messages, answering calls, installing risky apps and other fraud scenarios.

360 stated that in the future, 360 will actively leverage its own technological advantages, comprehensively use artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other technical means to actively cooperate with the state in combating online fraud, effectively cracking down on the fraud industry chain, and maintaining user online safety.

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