In response to the increase in demand brought about by the new coronavirus, a system to increase the production of artificial ventilator operating equipment has been established

Alps Alpine Co., Ltd. (TOKYO 6770, Representative Director, President & Executive Officer: Nianhiro Kuriyama, Headquarters: Tokyo) has established an artificial ventilator operating device in response to the increased demand brought about by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The production increase system of the magnetic encoder “EM11B series”.

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak expands, artificial ventilators and artificial heart-lung devices as an effective treatment are in short supply worldwide. Under such a situation, many manufacturers in Japan and abroad are currently promoting the production of this machine under the request of the government.

Our company’s magnetic encoder “EM11B series (picture)” (*1) used in artificial ventilators is used as an operating device for adjusting and changing the air volume, air pressure, inhalation time, and mode changes to the patient with the disease. It has been recognized and highly rated for its excellent operability, reliability, and compactness.

This time, our company has established a production system of 100,000 pieces with a monthly output of 5 times more than usual in response to the production increase requirements of various artificial ventilator manufacturers, and has started supplying them one after another. In the future, we will continue to adjust production while considering customer needs and the epidemic situation.

In addition, this production increase system also includes temporary adjustments to production for other purposes to ensure production capacity. It may cause inconvenience to some customers who have been using this product, please understand and support.

*1 An encoder is a sensor that detects the direction and number of rotations and movements based on the amount of rotation or movement of the operating shaft, and converts and outputs digital electrical signals.

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