In 2016, the informatization of mold enterprises is imperative! But this knowledge must be known first to avoid wrong direction

China is in the process of transforming from a big Mold manufacturing country to a strong mold manufacturing country. Informatization is a booster for the development of mold companies, especially under the impact of concepts such as “Internet +”, “Made in China 2025”, and “Industry 4.0”. Many mold companies are exploring new management models in order to promote the rapid development of the company. However, due to the lack of overall planning and misunderstandings in the early stage, it has led to the blind introduction and development of various application systems, resulting in enterprise information islands.

This article is written by Mr. Xu Zefu, Fangtian Software, who has been engaged in mold ERP software development for 20 years, to discuss and analyze the informatization construction of mold enterprises in my country.

The scope of informatization of mold companies

The informatization construction of mold enterprises mainly includes the informatization of technical systems and the informatization of management systems.

The informatization of the technical system is mainly the application of mold CAD/CAE/CAM technology to realize the informatization or digitization of the mold design and manufacturing process.

The informatization of the management system is mainly about the progress, quality, and documentation of the mold production process (ERP, MES, PDM, PLM, PM); ERP is integral and mainly involves the management and control of documents in the workflow; The current mold industry MES mainly refers to the management and control of parts in the mold making process; PDM and PLM are both data graph document management, PDM only belongs to simple graph document management, PLM belongs to product life cycle management, and general mold companies need to use It’s almost done to PDM. PM mainly talks about mold project process management.

The status quo of mold enterprise informatization

Many mold companies have consciously improved their own level in the informatization of technical systems, but they have not paid enough attention to management informatization. The system integration is low and the application is not deep enough. Many mold companies stay in manual production scheduling and Excel. Production schedule management, production capacity cannot be judged at all, and the promised delivery time to customers cannot be realized at the initial stage; even many large and medium-sized enterprises have not paid enough attention here, mainly focusing on the application of CAX unit technology and units In terms of management technology, not many companies adopt integrated information management systems (PDM systems and ERP/MES systems). Few companies have effectively integrated the existing CAD/CAM/CAE systems and information management systems such as ERP/MES/CRM.

There is another important reason, because the mold company is a typical order-oriented single-piece multi-variety production-oriented company. Due to the randomness of orders, the diversity of products, the experience dependence of design and manufacturing, the frequency of changes, the uncertainty of trial repairs, etc., the production situation of molds is complex and changeable, and the entire production process is difficult to effectively manage and control , So the management informatization has also been pushed to a new height. Some existing ERP systems, even SAP, Oracle and other internationally renowned large ERP system suppliers do not have excellent solutions. It is difficult to meet the above-mentioned requirements of mold enterprise production management. Although there are some domestic mold management software manufacturers, they only It can only solve the problem of on-site barcode reporting, and the product line is very single. Once the enterprise adopts it, it will face the ineffective integration of multiple management systems. On the contrary, the enterprise suffers from it, and the efficiency does not increase but decreases.

The construction goal of mold enterprise informatization

The mold management system is equivalent to the mold ERP system specially customized for the mold industry; Foxconn Technology Group Guo Taiming said: Enterprises should establish their own four major control systems, which are “industrial management system, quality control system, production management system, and economic management system.” , Mold is a production-oriented industry, and the commanders of each enterprise also hope to understand the production status of the enterprise; production management has also been upgraded to a higher platform, and production management is the various plans and controls adopted for production activities. Means to establish a production plan and control its production activities to proceed smoothly according to the plan to achieve the goal of production.

In order to improve the core competitiveness of mold companies, the mold industry must focus on strengthening information management systems, cost control systems, and improving resource control capabilities, technology development capabilities, and core competitiveness. The following is for the management of mold companies. In five aspects: design process, cost analysis, mold scheduling, progress control, and performance quantification, the system construction goals are determined through the implementation of Fangtian Mold’s MoldERP system:

Mold design and technology

It is difficult for managers to accurately evaluate the mold design cycle, there are many non-standard parts, frequent drawing changes, complex process flow, and cumbersome BOM data extraction. Especially for mold companies, most of the materials are only used for a certain project and will not be used after use. It is very difficult to code the materials in advance.

Fangtian MoldERP system can standardize the design process, understand the design progress in real time, and automatically notify relevant personnel to deal with design changes and exceptions, so as to minimize the loss of design changes. It can be integrated with CAD and other design software to automatically generate BOM tables and part codes from drawings. Data sharing, direct view of mold parts drawings, reduce the risk of loss in the transfer process. Supports various BOM data entry methods such as Excel format import and manual entry. The system realizes the function of automatic coding for non-standard parts, and at the same time uses the automatic matching function to automatically generate material codes for newly-added standard parts according to the predetermined standard library, which solves the problem of material coding in ERP implementation.

Mould quotation and cost analysis

How does the business unit conduct cost analysis and quotation operations based on the samples or drawings provided by the customer when the customer requests a quotation? The mold analysis process generally analyzes the materials, labor, and costs of the male mold, the master mold, the axis and other parts one by one, and then adds a certain profit as the basis for the quotation. The mold quotation and the order unit price may not be the same. In addition, how can the actual production cost of the mold be monitored in real time during the production process? Does the cost of materials and labor hours of each part exceed the standard? Which process was originally quoted at a low price? The repeated trial and repair of the mold makes it difficult to calculate the cost of mold trial and maintenance.

Through the introduction of Fangtian MoldERP system, the design cost, material cost, labor cost, outsourcing cost, management and sales cost, etc. can be mastered, so that the management can clearly understand where the mold cost is spent and which processes consume a lot of cost? Which items are inconsistent with the original mold quotation stage? Does the mold make money?

Mold manufacturing schedule

For the mold shop, how to organize the production of dozens or even hundreds of molds at the same time? A mold can have dozens of parts as few as hundreds, and each part has several processes. How to arrange the processing of thousands or thousands of processes? How to know the progress of the mold when the workshop starts production? Mold factories generally continue the management mode of traditional mold workshops, lacking planned control, and lack of process and estimated time guidance for key parts processing. They use “experience” to explain customers and businesses, and the personal awareness of the mold master is to a large extent. The above determines the manufacturing cycle of the mold. Since the machining process depends on the mold maker, rather than a clear guidance on the processing plan, once the mold maker lacks an overall grasp of the processing content of the part, it is likely to cause the phenomenon of missing processing or inadequate processing, so rework is at the point. It is inevitable that while occupying machine tool resources, it also delays the production schedule of molds.

Fangtian MoldERP system guides mold design, processing, fitter, mold trial, mold inspection and other operations through mold project scheduling and parts schedule scheduling system to achieve the goal of providing processing efficiency and processing quality. The system uses the most flexible billboards and Gantt charts for automatic production scheduling and management. Help the production management achieve excellence and control the entire production schedule. Optimize production, optimize delivery time, control the entire production process, predict the delivery date, capacity distribution, judge whether orders can be received, inserted, whether they need to be shipped out in advance, and can make all preparations in advance.

Real-time control of the progress of the model

The factory management can’t keep track of the production status of each mold in the mold room, and the workshop supervisor can’t reflect the status of the mold room in time, which often causes customers to go to the workshop temporarily to understand the progress when they ask questions; it is difficult to track where the various parts of a mold are currently distributed. Processing units, which have been completed, and which have not yet; it takes a lot of time to sort out and fill in reports, wasting a lot of manpower and material resources.

In order to avoid this situation, Fangtian MoldERP system uses chip or barcode data scanning to minimize the workload of operators and complete the collection of parts in each production unit, on-machine, off-machine, transfer and other time. It is convenient for relevant personnel to accurately and quickly query the actual location and completion of the parts, and at the same time provide accurate basis for the fitter. In addition, let the relevant progress of each unit respond to the system in a timely manner, and then through the system’s integrated analysis capabilities, the overall production status of the sub-mold can be visually displayed in different color charts. Real-time control of the mold manufacturing cycle is relatively guaranteed for subsequent mold modification, mold trial, mass production, etc., and the time to market for newly developed molds is greatly shortened.

Personnel and machine performance management

The personnel and machine performance management in the mold workshop is almost blank. How can the performance of the mold master be achieved? How to obtain the performance of each process? Since the mold industry generally operates in a system similar to the “contractor” system, regardless of the delivery date and completion time, regardless of the intermediate work distribution, there are often: molds that are easy to make, molds with high unit prices are always made by those people, or they do not go to work. You can also get high wages when you do things. The utilization rate of the machine cannot be accurately statistically analyzed, and the operating time of the machine and personnel cannot be compared.

The reason for these conditions lies in the rule of man. The establishment of Fangtian MoldERP system is also the establishment of a scientific management model and a practical operating system for the mold enterprise. The system can calculate the workload of employees, the utilization rate of equipment and the comparative analysis of planned working hours and actual working hours, making performance management transparent, scientific and rational. Stimulate the enthusiasm and centripetal force of the staff through the performance report of the staff, and improve the production efficiency. Each process supervisor is responsible for their performance and establishes a layered accountability system.

Through the implementation of information technology, the use of scientific and technological means, and the introduction of production management systems for management, each department can clearly understand the delivery date of the mold, follow up the progress in a timely manner, fulfill the delivery commitment to the customer, and improve customer satisfaction. And to achieve statistical investigation of various indicators within the department to improve work efficiency. Realize cost control, schedule control, schedule control, and experience accumulation. Achieve the establishment of process standardization, management standardization, design standardization, material standardization, engineering standardization, and cost standardization.


Founded in Taiwan in 1996, Fangtian Software began to provide ERP professional services in the mainland in 2000. It was the first to develop mold ERP management software for single-piece and small-batch production on the basis of ERP theory. It was the first software registered with Integrator, with as many as 30 software modules, emphasizes the integrated management of mold enterprise personnel, processes, and data. After 20 years, it has successfully implemented the mold ERP management system for nearly 1,000 mold companies in Japan, Taiwan, and the mainland, and realized intelligent manufacturing. It is willing to contribute to the development of the mold industry to a new level.

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