Huang Yan, deputy general manager of Guangxi Tourism Development Group, visited Pingguo Aluminum

On August 8, Deputy General Manager of Guangxi Tourism Development Group Co., Ltd., Party Secretary and Executive Director of Guangxi Lufa Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. Huang Yan, Director and Vice President of Guangxi Baise Development and Investment Group Co., Ltd., Ma Huashan, visited Chinalco Ping A visit from Guo Aluminum Enterprise.Huang Weiping, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Guangxi Branch of China Aluminum Corporation, Chairman of Guangxi Hualei New Materials Co., Ltd., Ding Bo, CFO of Guangxi Branch, Executive Director of Pingguo Aluminum Co., Ltd., and Zhou Movement, General Manager of Pingguo Aluminum, warmly received Come visitor people.The heads of relevant units of Guangxi Lufa Health Industry Group, Baitou Group, Pingguo Aluminum Hospital and Pingguo Aluminum Enterprise participated in the forum.

Huang Weiping warmly welcomed Huang Yan and his entourage, and introduced Pingguo Aluminum’s historical evolution, organizational structure, industrial nature, production and operation, as well as Pingguo Aluminum’s transformation and upgrading, reform and development, surrounding environment and infrastructure construction.He said that Pingguo Aluminum Enterprise and Pingguo Aluminum Hospital have a deep relationship and will fully support Guangxi Tourism Development Group and Baitou Group in cooperating to run Pingguo Aluminum Hospital.It is hoped that both parties will further deepen communication and exchanges, expand areas of cooperation, and achieve common development.

Huang Yan sincerely thanked Pingguo Aluminum Enterprise for its support and assistance to the development of Guangxi Lufa Group, and introduced the development history, main business and future development plans of Guangxi Lufa Group.He said that Pingguo Aluminum Corporation is a well-known and outstanding enterprise in the region and abroad, which has made positive contributions to Guangxi’s economic and social development and has broad development prospects.It is hoped that both parties will maintain close contact, seek opportunities for cooperation, strengthen complementary advantages, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.The two parties also had in-depth exchanges on related matters.

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