How to use the damping device of CNC machining center?

cnc machining center solves the problem of complex, precise, small batch and multi-variety parts processing. It is a flexible and high-performance automatic machine tool, which represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology. It is a typical electromechanical machine. Integrated products.
     Compared with ordinary machine tools, Cnc Machining centers have higher machining precision and very stable machining quality. Therefore, the quality requirements of the operators are high, especially in the case of damping devices, the following methods of use should be noted:
     1. After the machine level is reached, tighten the screw flat and fix the horizontal state.
     2. Place the required horn under the hole in the machine tool, insert the screw into the hole, clamp the foot with the nut, and place the nut into contact with the machine tool.
     3. Because of the creep phenomenon of rubber, when the horn is used for the first time, the machine level is adjusted after two weeks.
     4. Perform horizontal adjustment of the machine tool, rotate the nut counterclockwise, and raise the machine.
     The correct use of the damping device in the CNC machining center is very important, so it is necessary to firmly grasp the above four methods of use.

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