How To Make Sheet Metal Fabrication Is Not Complicated

Hangzhou Sheet Metal Fabrication production of high quality, we need Sheet Metal Fabrication process and tool design and unified overall. Plug and play and other high-level mold series can not only ensure that the metal plate shell production tools to simplify the function, but also to achieve a unified production effect.The metal plate looks like a short answer, but the production process is also a very complicated situation. If we need the need for sheet metal machining during the corner offset, we must also make overall control bending. Rectification work also reflects the accuracy of Sheet Metal Fabrication.Metal plate shell bending process in order to achieve a unified effect, we can take the appropriate bending technology and bending machine unified management. So you can make sure it has a good working condition and work effect. Sheet Metal Fabrication of the process of accurate unified management, so that our work effectively achieve a good effect.Sheet Metal Fabrication process will produce a lot of heat, such as laser, is the use of a high concentration of metal processing to achieve the purpose. When using this method of Sheet Metal Fabrication, the combustion needs attention. Especially in dealing with small holes, the outside of the hole can be completely cooled, the inner part of the single hole is because the heat spread space is small, the heat concentration leads to burning and hanging slag, which requires us to find a solution. In the oxygen-assisted gas laser cutting, the key to solving this problem is how to suppress the heat generated by the oxidation reaction. Perforation can be used as auxiliary oxygen, delay switch auxiliary air or nitrogen method. This metal plate approach handles up to 1/6 plate holes. Low frequency, peak power output pulse cutting conditions have been able to reduce the heat output characteristics that help optimize the cutting conditions. Single pulse laser beam, set the conditions of the output energy of the peak intensity, low frequency conditions, can effectively reduce the perforation process of molten metal surface accumulation, effectively inhibit the heat output to solve the problem, make full use of this Sheet Metal Fabrication technology The
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