How to judge whether a car tire needs to be replaced

Although many people often drive, they don’t know much about the details such as when to change tires. How to determine whether a tire needs to be replaced.

1. It depends on the groove condition and tire usage

“As the groove becomes shallower, the performance of the vehicle will gradually decrease in rainy days. In addition, the longer the car is used, the more serious the tire rubber aging. Sometimes the tire rubber is aging and cracks appear. In this case, even if the groove is normal The tires need to be replaced.” An old driver said.

According to relevant laws, vehicles with tire grooves less than 1.6mm are prohibited from driving on the road. When the tire groove is smaller than 1.6mm, a slip warning will appear on the dashboard. However, it is not possible to decide whether to replace the tires based on the groove conditions alone, and the use of tire rubber should also be taken into consideration. If the tire is seriously aging or cracked, it should be replaced in time even if the groove is normal.

2. Taking rain driving conditions into account

A car owner said, “If the car is driven for a long time, the anti-skid performance will be significantly reduced, especially in rainy days, it will slip and brake failure. If the groove is less than 3mm, the drainage performance will be significantly reduced, and the hidden danger in rainy days will be high. In this case, it should be replaced in time. tire.”

Therefore, even if the driving is normal, there is no problem with the groove and the tire rubber, but the tire condition should be carefully checked when it is found that it is prone to skidding when driving on rainy days.

In short, when judging whether the tire needs to be replaced, not only the groove condition and the use of the tire rubber should be taken into account, but also the usual driving experience should be combined with a comprehensive judgment. Well-known tire manufacturers suggest that tires should be inspected when they have been used for more than 5 years, and if necessary, they must be replaced in time.

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