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  Question: I want to purchase a CNC router machine. There is a lot of room for selection of this equipment on the market, and the quality is uneven. How to judge the quality of it?

  Answer: If you want to judge the pros and cons of CNC router machines, you can start with the machining of the bed, the screw rod, the wire rail, the screw support seat, etc.:

  1, machine bed

  Generally, high-quality router machine bodies are made of castings. The machined surface should be smooth and flat without pits and cracks. The machined surface should be ground with a grinder, and the machining accuracy should be within 0.5 wire. If it is an ordinary grade equipment, the smoothness of the processed surface is average, and the accuracy is usually about 3 threads.

  2. Observation screw

  The screw rod of the good quality equipment uses the grinding screw rod, while the ordinary quality equipment uses the rolling screw rod. If you want to have a ground screw, you can look at the situation of the thread. The surface of the ground screw thread is relatively smooth, without grooves, while the thread surface of the rolling screw has grooves. A good ground screw is positive and negative. The gap is controlled within 1 silk, and the price is naturally more expensive.

  3. Observe the track

  At present, there are mainly two kinds of linear rails available on the market, genuine products and high imitation products. The price of high-imitation linear rail sliders is relatively low. When judging the linear rail, you can use the feel to understand its quality. You can go back and forth with your hands. Drag the slider, if it is a genuine product, you will feel the slider is relatively smooth, without the feeling of rolling steel balls. As for the high imitation product, it may feel stuck when it is sliding.

  4. screw support

  The screw support of good quality has a bright appearance, and emits uniform phosphating blue, and the surface has the brand mark of the manufacturer. The concentricity and contour error of the screw support are controlled within 1.5 wires, while the quality of the screw support is normal. The seat concentricity and contour error are above 5 wires.

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