How to judge the blockage of imported CNC lathe processing?

A qualified CNC lathe is better than everything. However, how to pass the CNC lathe after a long period of use, there will always be some failures affecting daily production and processing, this is not, this has found a problem of blocked lubricating oil, in the following article, I will discuss with you How to remove these blocking obstacles.

The CNC lathe processed by the imported CNC lathe is a heavy-duty machine tool. The lubrication of the guide rails in all directions is completed by an independent guide rail automatic lubrication system: its hydraulic and spindle lubrication system is quite different from the CNC lathe. The hydraulic and spindle lubrication principles are shown in the figure. Show.

The v hydraulic and spindle lubrication processed by the imported CNC lathe share the same main oil tank (using HM68 anti-friction hydraulic oil). The motor M1 drives the coaxial gear pump 1P and 2P to rotate, and the 1P passes through the check valve 5, the direct control overflow valve 6, and the accumulator. The energy device 8 provides hydraulic oil with a pressure of 8 MPa to the hydraulic system of the machine tool. Each solenoid valve controls the speed of the spindle, the clamping and loosening of the tool chuck, the loosening of the clamping of the spindle head, and the loosening of the Z-axis clamping. 2P provides lubricating oil to the main shaft box through the direct control overflow valve 2 and the refrigerator 1, and then lubricates the bearings and gears in the main shaft box through various oil distribution pipes, and then collects them into the oil return pool at the bottom of the main shaft box. The pump 3P is pumped back into the main oil tank 3. After the main power switch of the machine tool is closed, 3P will automatically start for 20s to withdraw the oil in the oil return tank; the hydraulic lubrication system will start, and 3P will start with it; the hydraulic lubrication system will stop, and the 3P will stop after a 45s delay to withdraw the oil in the oil return tank. .

The refrigerator 1 processed by the imported CNC lathe detects the lubricating oil flowing through it. When the lubricating oil temperature rises to the set temperature, the cooler starts to perform forced cooling of the lubricating oil. When the lubricating oil temperature is lower than the set oil temperature When it is warm, the cooler stops.

Analyze the failure phenomenon and the principle of hydraulic lubrication, because the oil leaks for a short time after the hydraulic lubrication system is started on the low-temperature cold machine, and the machine tool operates normally, and there is no alarm prompt, which can eliminate the leakage of the high-pressure hydraulic system. The scope of the fault should be in the spindle lubrication system. Because the machine tool is still under warranty, the foreign maintenance personnel have visited the factory twice to replace the oil return pump 3P, but the fault has not been eliminated. As the temperature rises in spring, the amount of oil leakage is gradually reduced. Finally, the fault disappeared completely.

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