How to identify the surface of medical titanium bar?

We all know that medical titanium bar has good use in medicine, medical titanium rod quality directly related to our health and safety, medical titanium bar due to the nature of titanium products, has a good biocompatibility, can be kept for a long time in the human body, this is we must get the good quality of medical titanium rod, we will how to identify medical titanium rod quality to share the following:

1. Fake medical titanium rod, titanium rod simple scratch, the reason is fake titanium rod manufacturers equipment is simple, easy to burr, scratch the appearance of titanium material. Deep scratches reduce the strength of titanium.

2. The appearance of fake titanium rod often has a pockmarked appearance.

Dimpled surface is due to the rough appearance of titanium due to severe wear of the rolling groove. Because of the inferior titanium rod manufacturers to seek profit, often show groove rolling the most over – expenditure.

3. The inferior titanium bar horizontal bar is thin and low, often show the appearance of dissatisfaction, the reason is that the manufacturer to reach the big negative public service, the product before a few of the pressure is too large, the iron is too small, hole filling dissatisfaction.

4. Inferior titanium rod no metallic luster, a reddish or similar to the color of pig iron, there are two reasons for its billet is adobe. Substandard rolling temperature is not standard, their titanium temperature is through the visual measurement, so can not be rolled in accordance with the rules of the austenitic region, the function of titanium naturally can not be qualified.

5. Fake titanium bar cross section is oval, the reason is that the manufacturer in order to save data, the product roller before the two down the volume is too large, the strength of titanium thread greatly reduced, and does not conform to the specification of titanium thread size.

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