How to do a good job in brand building in the hardware parts processing industry?

Domestic users, especially those in the hardware parts processing industry, do not have much contact with independent brands, and do not trust their quality and services. This has also become the main reason why the development of Chinese hardware tools brands is still blocked. my country is still a developing country. Hardware tool manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, and low-level redundant construction is very serious. If an enterprise wants to develop, it should start with product, quality and brand.

Low-price competition, imitation, and OEM production are only suitable for the initial stage of the market and the weaker competition. With the development of the industry and the intensification of competition, the hardware tool industry has entered the stage of brand competition, improving the technical content of products, and owning independent patents, Brand and service are the kingly way for the survival and development of an enterprise. The next three years will be the golden period for the hardware tool industry to build brands, and hardware tool companies must do a good job in brand building.

First of all, we must do a good job in brand positioning

The brand positioning of hardware parts processing is not price positioning, but positioning based on target market demand and its own advantages. For example, Stanley’s brand positioning is a world tool expert. When hardware tool companies are positioning their brands, they must first find the target market, then compare with competitors and find their own advantages, combine market demand with corporate advantages, form the core value of the brand, and then do a good job in brand positioning!

Secondly, we must build a good brand

After the brand positioning is done, the next step is to solve the relationship between the corporate brand and the product. At present, many hardware parts processing and hardware tool companies focus their brand competition on products. For the hardware tool industry with relatively mature technology, product homogeneity is a common phenomenon, which is directly caused by excessive product competition. It is price competition, which in turn leads to a decline in product quality and lack of innovation. In fact, what customers buy is not only the product itself, but also the feeling of the product, including the function, quality, price, appearance and service. These feelings are combined to form a brand. In addition, the brand image must be clear. How can a company that does not even have a clear brand image get the recognition of customers? Not to mention brand premium.

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