How to design short cycle time moulds

Sino Mould is the famous short cycle time mould maker, professional short cycle time mould designer in China, can offer huge technical support to short cycle time mould R&D.
One of important factors to effect the mould quality is mold cooling system, mould cooling system is good or not will have direct effects on mould cycle time. A short cycle time mould can make more products compared one’s cycle time is longer in the same level.
China could offer short cycle time mould to customers, and the key to shorten cycle time is good design for mould cooling system. here, China share you some tips for how to design short cycle time moulds;
1. Cooling water holes as much as possible, and its diameter as big as possible;
2. The distance between cooling water holes and surface of cavity(core) is same;
3. Strengthening cooling in the place of gat;
4. Reduce the difference of the cooling water in and ou;
5. Cooling water holes keep away from welding lines;
6. Easy to clean up;
7. Good sealing and stable.
A good quality mould should equip with perfect cooling system, China devoted itself to design short cycle time moulds offer high quality injection molds to satisfy customers’ requirements.

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