How to debug the stuck mold problem of the punch

How to debug the stuck Mold problem of the punch

Punch is a commonly used equipment in industrial production. Affected by its use environment, the equipment will inevitably have various failures during use. One of the more common failures is the card die. When this problem occurs, we The equipment needs to be debugged, and our commonly used debugging methods mainly include the following two:

1. Motor debugging method:

  • 1. The position of the punch crankshaft, bottom dead center or before bottom dead center, must be confirmed.
  • 2. Adjust the clutch to 5.5 kg/C㎡. The motor is in accordance with the bottom dead center of the original slider. If you have not seen the bottom dead center of the slider, the motor reverses.
  • 3. Motor starter, the driven pulley idling, after rotating at full speed.

2. Overload oil pump debugging method:

Press the overloaded oil pump screw to loosen the screw, and then move the slider to the top dead center to play, and then the lock can hear a loud sound. When the configuration of the punch load detection equipment is overloaded, it can instantly make an emergency stop to ensure safe mold and stamping.

  • 1. The oil flow of the front slide block overload safety protection device oil line bolts is pulled out, the internal pressure is reduced, and then the bolts are fixed in place.
  • 2. The perforated motor belt wheel idling starts and moves frequently at full speed.The charging and discharging of the operation switch is to move the operation button switch switch. If the clutch is not operated, the switch will exceed the load, reset the switch position, and then repeat the charging and discharging operation button switch slider to the upper dead center position.
  • 3. The upper and lower molds with full marks will hit the shut-off valve in the open pipeline that exceeds the sequence of the load device with the same overload safety device reset operation sequence, and can perform normal operation.

The above two methods are used by people daily. When we encounter the above problems in the process of using the punch, you can refer to the above methods for debugging. If you can’t debug it yourself, you should promptly hand it over to the manufacturer for processing.

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