How to deal with abnormal high pressure of hydraulic press

The Hydraulic Press needs to be used in the processing of spare parts in the automotive industry and the finalization, edge punching and correction of various products in various industries. Its main feature is that the travel speed of the movable beam is mainly determined by the liquid supply of the pump. The basic investment is relatively small, the floor area is small, and the daily maintenance is relatively simple.

Although there are so many advantages, equipment failures are inevitable in the process of daily use. For example, how to deal with the abnormal high pressure of oil press is the primary consideration. For this reason, the small series gives specific treatment methods.

In actual production, hydraulic shock is inevitable, which will affect the working efficiency of the hydraulic press. Therefore, we should take positive measures and deal with them accordingly. To avoid abnormal high pressure, the most fundamental way is to set an overflow valve in the circuit to avoid abnormal external high pressure circuit. Slow down the hydraulic shock, and use the flow valve to slow down the hydraulic shock circuit.

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