How to control the quality of raw materials in hardware parts processing?

Raw materials are very important to the processing of hardware parts and the production of hardware Mold companies to ensure the basis of product quality for hardware mold companies. If the raw materials purchased are not properly controlled, it will directly affect the quality of product production. Hardware mold companies need to control the quality of raw material procurement and ensure product production quality and safety. They need to evaluate and select raw material suppliers, strengthen the inspection and acceptance of raw materials before storage, and improve the quality of warehouse management.

Strictly control the quality of incoming raw materials

1. Environmental management of hardware parts processing warehouse. The shelves and articles in the warehouse should be placed reasonably, the aisles should be unobstructed, the doors and windows should not be damaged, and the “three cleans” (floor, doors and windows, shelves) should be kept free of debris, garbage, and dust.

2. Management of warehousing raw materials. The inventory of raw materials, especially A-type raw materials, should be checked frequently to achieve the “ten nos”, that is, no moisture, no rot, no rust, no mold, no rot, no change, no damage, no freezing, no damage, no decay .

3. Raw material inspection. The raw materials enter the warehouse for acceptance and palletizing. At the same time, maintenance control should be carried out according to the classification of raw materials and maintenance requirements, that is, regular or regular inspections should be carried out to eliminate and deal with hidden dangers in time.

4. Management of raw materials for hardware parts processing out of warehouse. The principle of “first-in first-out” should be observed, and special attention should be paid to the long storage period, large stockpiles, and difficulty in inspecting raw materials. Such raw materials should be released from the warehouse in time. At the same time, standardize the behavior of the warehouse in and out to avoid damage to the quality of raw materials during the handling process.

5. Stacking and covering of raw materials in the warehouse. Stacking and covering also ensure that the warehouse has an important aspect of the quality of raw materials. The raw materials in stock must be reasonably stacked and covered according to their performance and storage requirements. Special consideration is given to the performance of Class A raw materials, packaging quality, and warehouse floor conditions, and appropriate palletizing methods are adopted to achieve flood control and moisture prevention.

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