How many ways do you divide the CNC machining process?

(1) According to the part loading and positioning method: each part has different structural shapes, and the technical requirements of each surface are also different. Therefore, the positioning methods are different when processing, so the process can be divided according to different positioning methods;
(2) According to the rough and fine processing division process: according to the processing precision, stiffness and deformation of the parts, the process can be divided according to the principle of coarse and fine machining, that is, roughing and finishing, at this time Can be processed with different machine tools or different tools;
(3) According to the tool division process: In order to reduce the tool change time, compress the idle time and reduce the unnecessary positioning error, the parts can be processed according to the tool centralized process, that is, in one setup, use a tool as much as possible. Machining the parts that may be processed, and then replacing the other parts with another knife;

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