How CNC processing plants choose high-efficiency CNC processing lines

At present, the types of CNC processing lines include rigid automatic lines and flexible CNC processing lines, which are placed in CNC processing plants and should be determined according to changes in products and production. If it is mass production, and it is a relatively mature production line, then rigid lines should be chosen because the work efficiency is relatively high. However, if it is a small and medium batch, and the product has a certain change, then the flexible line should be selected, because the process of this production line is concentrated and adaptable.
Cnc aluminum alloy processing
In addition, factors such as the degree of transformation of the CNC processing line, the life cycle of the product, and changes in the product are also factors that we need to consider when selecting the production line. In this respect, flexible production lines are better than rigid production lines because they are more flexible and adaptable, reducing investment risks.
At present, there is a new CNC processing line method, which is a combination of automatic line and flexible cnc machining center to form a production line. The key is automatic production line, which can ensure the processing precision and the stability of the production line. For other processes, Cnc Machining is adopted. Come on. This kind of production line also has certain advantages, so there will be, but it is also necessary to determine whether it is appropriate according to the actual situation, and cannot be used blindly.
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