Hot runner system

Hot runner which is keep plastic material always stay molten state in the injection process under the set temperature in different injection gate.

Hot runner has three parts, there are nozzle, manifold plate and temperature controller. Generally there are three types of hot runner according to the injection gate different,

Hot runner point gate: which is widely used in the product surface requirement not very big, allow the injection position has a small point.

Hot runner big gate: which is widely used in heavy weight and high thickness product mould, such as plastic chairs mould.

Hot runner valve gate: Is the one used for high demand surface product mould, appearance will be much good. Hot runner valve gate could add the sequential box to adjust valve gate when the mould is multi-cavities mould.

Anole hot runner using Germany heat element, and nozzle, manifold tool by our own company, so we supply high performance hot runner system,and also including temperature controller for you.

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