High power chip resistors offer higher power rating than conventional devices

TT Electronics WHPC is a high-power thick film chip Resistor series that features WHPC-X types for extra-high-power ranges. Offering inverse geometry with the terminations on the long sides, these chip resistors have a particularly high thermal contact with the PCB in addition to low internal thermal impedance, which provides higher power ratings than conventional resistors on the same footprint without relying on excessive PCB copper heatsink areas.

The new types are fully AEC-Q200 qualified and provide a wide range of values from 1R0 to 1M0, tolerances down to 0.5% and case sizes of 0508, 0612 and 1020.

The devices feature 2W in 2010, 1.5W in 0612 and 1W in 0508 footprints. The AECQ-200 qualification offers thick film parts with tolerance to 0.5%. The device’s low thermal impedance avoids hotspot problems.

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