Guides To Customize Your Lash Boxes For Your Eyelash Business

Are you willing to start a lash business?

Within 2 years, false lashes are becoming the trendy makeup cosmetic products in the trade business, and more and more people join the line of the lash business.

And the lash box can play an important role in the lash business, and most clients like to purchase the false lashes together with the lash box, to customize their private label, eyelash logo for lash branding.

Here are some steps for you to get your desired lash box.

1. Shape:

Determine the shape of the lash box, we have different shapes for you, including the rectangular lash box, square lash box, round lash box, diamond-shaped lash box, round lash box, hexagon lash box and etc. And the shape of the lash tray needs to match the shape of a lash box.

2. Size:

Determine if the size of the lash box, the size of the lash case can decide how many pairs of false lashes to be packed, and the size of the lash tray is needed to match the size of the lash case.

3. Material:

We have different materials for creating lash boxes, including art paper, hard paper, glitter paper, laser paper, black cardboard, aluminated paper, iridescent paper, and holographic paper. All of these are the raw materials to make lash box packaging, and some of them are popular on the lash market.

4. Color:

We have many different colors, and you can select your favorite color for your lash, single color, mix color, or gradient color.

5. Logo:

Share with us your lash logo, and we can design the lash logo free for you if you don’t have your eyelash logo currently.

6. Combination:

Combine all of these design elements together to create your lash box, special and unique.
Today I want to share with you something basically important about the lash box printing technology. Here are many different methods for you to get the custom lash box.

Here we have applied some popular lash box printing technology to make a lash box. And I’d love to introduce some widely-used lash printing art.

7. Gold stamping

Gold hot stamping is a popular printing art, widely used to print the private label or lash logo on the surface of the lash box packaging. The gold foil stamping is helpful to print the gold eyelash logo on the surface of the outer lash box, can Display your lash logo for your lash branding.

Hot stamping is a very popular custom eyelash boxes decoration application. It will have a metallic luster and come in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, bronze, and copper.
And we usually use the advanced 3D printing machine to do the gold hot printing to custom the magnetic lash box, to support your lash business. You can get your desired magnetic lash case by printing your own logo from us.

I do recommend that you can do gold hot stamping printing on the lash box with a holographic surface, that’s clear. That’s OK to do gold hot stamping printing on the lash box with glitter surface, and it is much more important to choose the background without too many colors, to affect the printing effect for displaying.

8. Holographic hot stamping

Holography stamp. Holography printing is a skilled technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed. Under certain viewing conditions, the hologram or any surface with holography is obtained, which is fully three-dimensional in all directions so that a movement of the head presents another aspect of the object.

The holographic hot stamping printing technology is also popular for custom lash boxes, holographic lash boxes are the trendy lash box on the social media.

We have many styles of the holographic lash box, with the holographic surface, including the holographic paper lash box, holographic magnetic lash box, holographic drawer lash box, holographic diamond-shaped and etc.

You can see the holographic gradient color or reflected lights from different angles, and the holographic lash box is super popular on the lash market, and you can get your own holographic lash box from here.

9. UV printing

UV printing is a form of digital printing that uses ultra-violet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. Curing or drying of the ink is done instantly. UV laser printing is also popular, can be used to print your private label, lash logo on the surface of the lash box.

The lash box with UV printing can’t fade the color within 2 or 3 years, with a long duration to stay original look, and you can get the magnetic lash box with UV laser printing surface for you to start your lash business.

A UV-cured coating lash box won’t release harmful chemicals. It also provides longer protection for the wood. This type of lash box with the UV coating is environmentally friendly, and UV printing art can be used to be printed on any surface, made of any materials, such as hard paper, plastic, fiber and etc.

10. Matte lamination

Matte lamination is also a type of printing technology, which can create an elegant, sophisticated finish for lash box packaging. We can use matte lamination printing to give a natural look for lash box packaging, and it is much easier for you to read the text printed on the lash box.

And the matte laminating has a “velvety” texture, that can make it much more pleasant for you to touch, and the lash box case with matte lamination printing is also the high-end lash box. You can get the custom matte laminated lash box with your private label, and lash logo.

And the velvet lash box is soft and comfortable for you, you can choose your favorite velvet magnetic lash box to store your false lashes inside.

11. Glossy lamination

In contrast to matte lamination, gloss lamination can be used to print a shiny, glossy, and glass-like appearance, that can enhance the color and vibrancy of the ink on a surface.
Here we also have the glossy laminated lash box for you to choose from, and the glossy lamination can enhance the effect of the surface if your lash logo or private label is not sharp and clear.

Generally, a semi-gloss or matte finish for lash box printing is more subtle, looks sharper, and makes colors on the lash box can appear deeper and brighter.

In total, these are 8 different printing methods, and we can give you the best solutions to choose the suitable lash box packaging for you.

And please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions about the lash box printing.

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