Gas assisted chair mold solution


Gas assisted molding is widely used in manufacturing hollow plastic parts, light weight but strong strength. Especially for chair mold, then how to manufacture good quality gas assisted chair mould?

First the material used. Here are three solutions:
1. pure PP
2. PP plus filler (calcium carbonate)
3. PP plus glass fiber
If go first way, it is very easy to cause shrinkage, as chair corner part is very thick.
If go second, chair appearance will be polisher than with fiber.
But usually we suggest the last, and go PP + 15% glass fiber. Although chair part can not be same polish as the second because of fiber special specification, but it is easier to blow gas. Besides, it has more strength and tenacity.

Before chair mould design, need to have Mold flow analysis to better understand material flow, gas blowing channel and all related issues. And suggest valve gate system, compared to normal hot runner, it can completely solve mould flash during air blowing.

If you have new project of gas assisted chair mold, kindly tell below information, and we’ll supply you fine solution of gas assist chair mould:

  • Chair part dimension & weight
  • Suitable injection molding machine
  • Air pressure of gas assisted equipment
  • Do you prefer fully automatic manufacturing with robot? Or auto drop without robot?


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