Flyback switcher ICs for a new class of mobile charging devices

Power Integrations has launched the InnoSwitch4-CZ family of high frequency, zero voltage switching flyback switcher ICs. These devices include a robust 750V primary switch using itsPowiGaN technology and a novel high-frequency active clamp flyback controller to aid a new class of ultra-compact chargers ideal for phones, tablets, and laptops.

Balu Balakrishnan, CEO of Power Integrations, said: “The introduction of the InnoSwitch4-CZ family of ICs marks a significant milestone for GaN technology. PowiGaN switches, in conjunction with our active clamp solution – ClampZero, enable a highly efficient design and an extremely compact form factor. We’re pleased to have worked closely with the Anker team to bring this new class of mobile charger to market.”

Steven Yang, CEO at Anker, added: “We are excited to work with Power Integrations as their exclusive launch partners for their InnoSwitch4 chipsets. The InnoSwitch4-CZ was a natural choice for Anker’s new Nano II series of USB-C chargers. Its outstanding levels of integration and efficiency are key to the Nano II series’ extremely compact design.”

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