Five-axis linkage processing skills for auto parts

Because the structure of the auto parts is relatively complicated and the precision is high, and there are many assembly positions, we first select good materials for processing, because the auto parts will be used for a long time after the production, so it is no problem to ensure the quality of the products. of. Auto parts are the most time-saving and convenient to process on the five-axis machine bed. Because the machining surface and precision involved in machining are more in order to improve efficiency and cost, and to ensure product accuracy is suitable for five-axis machine tool processing, first we choose Reasonable clamping methods ensure stability during processing.
Because the auto parts are more complicated, we can reduce the number of production of fashion clips and save the processing time in production. In this respect, we also improve the processing efficiency. In processing, we need to pay attention to two aspects: Is the appearance of the second is the quality, control the appearance, then we can choose a better tool to process, pay more attention to the details of the fine knife in the processing, the speed of the machine must be set to ensure that the appearance of the processed product is Ok, and then when machining the precision hole tolerance or assembly position, first make sure that the tool swing is no problem. It is best to be within 0.01, and then carefully check the added tool compensation value when machining tolerance. Do not input the wrong value. If you have a hole, use a plug gauge to measure it. If it is a slightly larger hole, you can choose to use a micrometer or an accurate caliper to measure. Before using the ring gauge, check the measuring tool for errors. Appearance and tolerance range As long as other complex structures can be used to take advantage of the advantages of the five-axis machine tool, the most important thing is that the tolerance can not be problematic. Because the auto parts are involved in assembly and good operation, the machining tolerance must be guaranteed problem.

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