Feirui Ao New Generation University IoT Experimental Center Construction Solution

An overview of Feirui’s new generation of university IoT laboratory solutions

The Internet of Things is called the third wave of the global information industry after computers and the Internet. It is a typical multidisciplinary comprehensive research involving computers, semiconductors, networks, communications, optics, micro-mechanics, chemistry, biology, aerospace, etc. , medicine, agriculture and many other fields, from the whole process of information acquisition, transmission, storage, processing, and application, to the innovation of materials, devices, software, systems, and networks, will promote the development of the Internet of Things. Forrester, an American consulting and research organization, predicts that by 2020, the ratio of the global Internet of Things business to the existing Internet of Things business will reach 30:1; by 2035, the number of sensor network terminals will reach hundreds of billions; In 2050, sensors will be ubiquitous in life. Therefore, the Internet of Things is also known as the next trillion-level communication business. In 2011, the Ministry of Education announced 140 new majors, and the Internet of Things has become a new trend in colleges and universities.

However, in the current teaching process of IoT majors in many colleges and universities, demonstrations are the main focus, and there are very few opportunities for students to do it by themselves. At present, in addition to soft power such as teachers, IoT hardware is almost starting from scratch.

Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council clearly stated in his government report at the third session of the 11th National People’s Congress on March 5 that this year, we will vigorously cultivate strategic emerging industries…to accelerate the research and development and application of the Internet of Things. “Industry is not yet booming, and talents come first. The central government’s incorporation of the Internet of Things into the national strategic system has become a direct driving force for the Internet of Things major to enter the halls of colleges and universities, and colleges and universities are also willing to undertake such new majors.

Therefore, as an important development area of ​​IoT applications, building IoT experimental centers will definitely become an important direction for the development of IoT in colleges and universities, and it is also a necessary way for colleges and universities to cultivate IoT talents and improve management.
Feirui Ao New Generation University IoT Experimental Center Construction Solution

New Generation IoT Lab Solution Concept

The core concept of the construction plan of the experimental demonstration center of the Internet of Things information platform is to carry out software and hardware scientific research and teaching and various content oriented to market demand according to the Internet of Things network level.

Feirui Ao New Generation University IoT Experimental Center Construction Solution

Next Generation IoT Lab Solution Description – Experiment Project Overview:

The core technology of the new-generation Internet of Things laboratory solution is the new-generation Internet of Things information platform application technology jointly developed by Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and Feirui. It is a key scientific research project supported by national ministries and commissions.

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