Features of cabinet engraving equipment Upload to:08-31 2021

With the continuous development of the cabinet door industry, CNC router machines are widely used in the mass production of cabinet doors with high speed, high quality, high precision and high efficiency. Compared with the traditional CNC router machine, the cabinet door CNC router machine has its unique characteristics and characteristics:

  1. Intelligent cross-border protection The cabinet door router machine has an intelligent processing cross-border protection function, which can prevent mechanical collision problems. The humanized design makes the processing safer.

  2. Intelligent speed control The intelligent control function of the processing speed of the cabinet door CNC router machine can automatically control the processing speed, truly improve work efficiency, increase product qualification rate, and better extend the service life of the machine.

  3. Advanced prediction algorithm The cabinet door CNC router machine adopts three-curve advanced prediction algorithm to ensure smooth curve, running speed and accuracy.

  4. Simple micro-macro control The cabinet door CNC router machine adopts micro-macro control, which is easy to learn and operate, which is convenient for users to quickly grasp the use of equipment.

   5. Unique plate pressing device The cabinet door CNC router machine adopts a unique pneumatic clamping device, controlled by a solenoid valve, with fast feeding speed and high efficiency.

  6. Advanced document processing The cabinet door CNC router machine adopts advanced document preprocessing, intelligent processing to correct errors in the document, and compatible with various processing software codes.

  7. Advanced control system The cabinet door CNC router adopts embedded CNC system, wireless upgrade control, and anti-interference design to ensure reliable operation of the system.

   8. Good mechanical structure. The cabinet door CNC router adopts steel plate for seamless welding, which has good performance and is not easy to deform.

  9. Intelligent continuous router function The cabinet door CNC router machine has a breakpoint function, which can continue to engrave the broken wire and automatically return to the starting point to ensure processing accuracy and error correction.

The above are the unique features of cabinet router equipment. China can provide you with the best router machine. The size can be customized according to your needs. If you have any questions, you can directly consult our customer service and we will serve you wholeheartedly. 

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