Factors affecting the dimensional stability of CNC machine tools

First, factors that can avoid the impact on the dimensional stability of cnc machine tools
Processing technology
In most of the actual machining errors are caused by unreasonable machining processes, in the basic processing technology (such as milling cnc machining, "first coarse after finishing, first face back hole, first large face small face" or fixture use" On the basis of reducing the number of clamping, try to use the basic machining process details such as the combination fixture, try to reduce the machining error caused by the iron filings on the aluminum parts, because the aluminum parts are very soft, and the excluded iron filings can easily cause the machining errors of the aluminum parts. . For example, in the FANUC or Central China Machining Center, the deep hole should be used as much as possible with the G83 command, so that the iron filings can be discharged instead of the G73 command.
2. Numerical calculation in manual programming and automatic programming
3. Cutting three elements: cutting speed vc, feed rate f, cutting depth ap and tool compensationIn this case, in simple terms, under the premise of ensuring the processing quality and tool wear, the adjustment parameters fully exert the cutting performance of the tool, so that the cutting efficiency is the highest and the processing cost is the lowest.
In the CNC lathe, there are also factors such as the wear compensation of the cutter head. Since I have not touched the lathe for a long time, I dare not go down to the details.
4. For the knife, the inaccurate tool is also a factor that causes dimensional error. Therefore, try to choose a good edge finder. If the machine has an automatic tool setter, it would be better.

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