Exhibition of TUBE CHINA 2018

Exhibition of TUBE CHINA 2018

 26th Sep – 29th Sep, Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd. atended the TUBE CHINA 2018 in Shanghai. In this exbihition, our pipe fitting, flange, seamless tube and nickel alloy supplier joined the exbihition together with us.



We showed our best and newest products including stainless steel seamless tube, coiled tubing, fitting, flange, nickel alloy tube…… Customers from all over the world have shown great interest in our products. During four days, We met many friends at the exhibition, and also attracted many new customers. In addition to many new partners, we have also communicated with other enterprises about the latest technology and product resources.



Through this exhibition, we will surely provide higher quality products and better services.

The following week, although it is Chinese National Day holiday, if any inquiries, don’t be hesitated to send to our email ([email protected]), we will handle it at once.


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